Menus & Food Production

Where does your food come from?
Distinctive Dining Solutions believes in providing quality, cost-effective, and safe meals.  In order to ensure this, we only purchase foods/supplies from approved distributors.  Our primary food service distributor is Gordon Food Service.

How does your menu system work?
Distinctive Dining Solutions has a 5 week rotating menu cycle.  We have an adult menu and a children’s menu to accommodate your business needs.  We encourage customer input to the menu cycle and routinely update it to introduce new items.
What if I have a child or adult with a special diet?
If you have a child or adult with special diet restrictions or known food allergies, please contact the Manager at Distinctive Dining Solutions to discuss possible options.

How do we ensure food safety?
Food safety is a top priority for Distinctive Dining Solutions.  All of our meals are produced daily in a commercial grade kitchen.  Food quality and temperatures are checked daily, and our kitchen is routinely inspected by governing agencies to ensure safe food handling practices.
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